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Hen`s Special Gong Celebration

"We were all thrilled with the gong bath and all your special touches last weekend. There isn't a person I've met I've not raved about it to! Teresa absolutely loved it and was so touched by the circle time at the end. She had an amazing hen party and the rest of the day went off perfectly. I run an all women choir and would love to book again for them too soon....such great bonding time! It's the most unique way I've ever attended a hen party and will certainly be a very treasured memory for Teresa." Catherine M

It was such a pleasure to be asked to host a special gong bath for a group of women who wanted a very different hen party event. Catherine MacKay had the inspired idea of having a hen party for her friend Teresa at Brightfire Holistic, treating her and her friends to a gong bath.

The space was prepared. Pukka teas, raw chocolate hearts by Chococula, a warm fire, with kettle on the boil, in a 16ft tipi pitched in the orchard. The bride to be was delivered to the location, and led to the tip, with no idea how her day would unfold. All of the women were smudged by burning the wood of the Palo Santo tree, and wafting it around them with the wing of a pheasant. Palo Santo, meaning holy wood, is used in ceremonies, for energetic clearing. After much chatting and anticipation I led them to the gong chamber where they settled down with pillows, cushions, and blankets.

For the next 45 minutes they experienced the power of the gongs, and the peace and silence which followed. At the end we formed a circle, holding hands. I suggested we could all sing to the the bride to be Teresa, and that she could receive the love of her friends through sound. We all held a loving intention for Teresa and sang the heart sound 'Ahhh' to her. The sound flowed beautifully, and we began to sing her name as she stood in the circle of women and received their love. The sounds were gentle and angelic. It was an emotional moment, and a perfect way to mark the next phase of her life as a married women. It was followed by hugs, and a few tears. A wonderful experience, and I am very grateful that Catherine chose an unconventional way to celebrate and honor her friend. It was just perfect.

If you have a group of friends who would like a very special experience we can provide a similar events for hen parties, birthdays, or just because you want to experience something different. We can travel to where you are, or provide sessions at Brightfire Holistic in the Herefordshire countryside. For further information please contact us:

facebook: brightfireholistic

With love and healing vibes


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